Application Information

Application to the Summer Institute is competitive—each year we receive more applicants than we are able to accept. In the application, we ask about your current teaching challenges and the technology-enhanced instructional projects you have in mind. Your responses to those questions help us in selecting a cohort of reflective instructors for a week-long intensive workshop.

The application deadline is Sunday, April 21st. Selected participants will be notified by Friday, May 3rd.

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Who Should Attend

The Summer Institute is designed for faculty members that have used technology in their teaching in the past and would like to do more. You are a good candidate for the Summer Institute if you:

  • Will be teaching an online course in the next year that you want to start developing now.
  • Wish to replace a major component of a face-to-face course with an online approach.
  • Are looking to jump-start your use of technology to support teaching and learning.

Some examples of appropriate projects for development during the Summer Institute might include the following:

  • Developing Materials for an Online Course
    • Creating appropriate strategies and content for a full-online course that you will be teaching in the next year.
  • Converting your Traditional Course to a Blended Course
    • Moving significant components of your course online and reducing the number of face-to-face sessions.
  • “Flipping your Course”
    • Re-purposing your face-to-face class time for other active learning activities by moving your content delivery online.
  • Students Writing in Public
    • Using open technology spaces for student writing assignments.
  • Creating an Online Community
    • Using technology tools and spaces to create an online community for students in your large face-to-face course.


SITETL alumni discuss the impact that SITETL has had on their teaching and on student learning.

Accepted participants will receive the following benefits:

  • Access to teaching and technology support staff during the Summer Institute and following the institute.
  • Participation in a cohort of peers during and after the Summer Institute.
  • Access to a Blackboard organization made up of an ongoing list of articles, resources, and discussions among colleagues/participants.
  • $1,000 stipend (minus applicable taxes).


Accepted participants are expected to:

  • Attend the entire week of sessions.
  • Actively develop materials for their course or select project during the Summer Institute. These materials will be shared with other participants during the Faculty Showcase on Friday afternoon.
  • Share your experiences during the Summer Institute with departmental colleagues or other faculty members.

Evaluation Process

Applications will be evaluated through a competitive committee review process.

Applicants will be evaluated on:

  • The materials submitted via the SITETL application form
  • Technology background
  • Potential impact on students and department colleagues
  • Appropriateness of the proposed project

Examples of appropriate projects for development during the Summer Institute might include:

  • Enhancing Your Face-to-Face Course with New Technologies
    • Add a new approach to your traditional teaching involving new technologies
  • Developing Materials for a New Online or Blended Course
    • Creating appropriate strategies and content for online teaching and learning
  • Flipping Your Course
    • Using technology tools and spaces to create an online community that allows you to re-purpose your face-to-face class time

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