Previous Faculty Projects

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June 2016

Anne Fitzsimmons - The Writing Program
David Knapp - Music Education
Eileen Kloss - Design
Elizabeth Thoreck - Social Work
Elizabeth Voss - Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics - French
John Wolohan - Sport Management
Ken Frieden - Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics
Keren Henderson - Broadcast & Digital Journalism
Linda Milosky - Communication Sciences and Disorders
Nina Brown - Communications
Roy Welch - Biology
Sarah Hall - Biology
Shiu-Kai Chin - Electrical and Computer Science
Svetoslava Todorova - Civil and Environmental Engineering
Tej Bhatia - Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics
May 2016

Christal Johnson - Public Relations
James Byrne - Public Health
Jane Burrell Uzcategui - Food Studies, Nutrition
Joseph Godlewski - Architecture
Mary Helen McNeal - Law
Michael Fudge, Jr. - iSchool
Pamela Brandes - Management
Rae Ann Meriweather - The Writing Program
Sinead Mac Namara - Architecture
Stefano Selenu - Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics
Victoria Tumanova - Communication Sciences and Disorders
Joan Bryant - African American Studies
Jason Wiles - Biology
Luis Columna - Exercise Science and Physical Education
Theodore Brown - Architecture
John Coggiola - Music Education
Robert Silver - Biology
Christopher Hanson - English
Joyce Zadzilka - Accounting
Nicole Moss - The Writing Program
Raymond Wimer - Marketing
Bruce Kingma - Entrepreneurship
Elizabeth Wimer - Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Customer Service
Michael Kalish - Psychology
Anna Chernobay - Finance
Ellyn Riley - Communication Sciences and Disorders
Matt Bonham - Political Science and International Relations
Beth Egan - Advertising
Andrew Kim - Law
Tracey Marchese - Social Work
Linwood Vereen - Counseling and Human Services
Angela Zachman - Biomedical and Chemical Engineering
Carlos Castaneda - Biology and Chemistry
Kenji Oda - Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics
Consuelo Endrigo-Williams - Italian
Thomas Steinfeld - Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics
Susan Millar - Geography
Sean O'Keefe - Public Administration and International Affairs
Maryann Monforte - Accounting
Anne Mosher - Geography
Colleen Baish Cameron - Child and Family Studies
Bob Wilson - Geography
Ravi Shukla - Finance
Craige Champion - History
Scott Erdman - Biology
Greg Hoke - Earth Sciences
Jane Read - Geography
Michael Norris - Exercise Science
Heather Coleman - Biology
Catherine Nock - Language, Literatures, and Linguistics
Chris Feikes -The Writing Program
Katie Cadwell - Biomedical and Chemical Engineering
Bruce Carter - Child and Family Studies

Barbara Fought - Broadcast Journalism
Marion Dorfer - Design
Melissa Pepling - Biology
Jean-Francois Bedard - Architecture
Margaret Harding - Law
Constance Dickey - Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics
Paul Hagenloh - Citizenship and Civic Engagement
Dennis Harrod - Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics
Cora True-Frost - Law
Christopher Perrello - Communication and Rhetorical Studies
Bill Jasso - Public Relations
June 2013
Katie Clinton - Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics
Amy Criss - Psychology
Kishi Ducre - African American Studies
Ulrich Englich - Chemistry
Jeffery Gonda - History
Lauryn Gouldin - Law
Eric Lui - Civil and Environmental Engineering
Moira McDermott - Mathematics
Erin Murphy - Foundation
Mario Ruiz Perez - Education
Barbara Stripling - iSchool
Evan Weismann - Public Health
Jason Wiles - Biology
Jamie Winders - Geography
May 2013

Elizabeth Ashby - Economics
Shena Ashley - Public Administration and International Affairs
Tara Kahan - Chemistry
Jeffery Karson - Earth Sciences
Romita Ray Kapoor - Art and Music History
Johanna Keller - Arts Journalism
Emily Luther - The Writing Program
Stephen Meyer - Art and Music History
Ulf Oesterle - Setnor School of Music
Milena Petrova - Finance
Sarah Pralle - Political Science
Melody Sweet - Biology
Corey Takahashi - Magazine
Tomoko Walter - Japanese
Yang Wang - iSchool
Kathy Vander Werff - Communication Sciences and Disorders
Dessa Bergen-Cico - Public Health, Food Studies and Nutrition
Kay Bruening - Public Health, Food Studies and Nutrition
Tanya Horacek - Public Health, Food Studies and Nutrition
Tazim Kassam - Religion
Audie Klotz - Political Science
Jonathan Massey - Architecture
Laurel Morton - Design/Fashion
Georgette Nicolaides - Statistical Practice
Michael Schoonmaker - Television, Radio, and Film
M. Emma Ticio - Spanish
Louise Wilkinson - Reading and Language Arts
Natarajan Balasubramanian - Management
Lynn Bran - Public Health, Food Studies and Nutrition
Amanda Brown - Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics
Santee Fraizer - The Writing Program
Ian Gallacher - Legal Communication and Research
Renee Franklin Hill - School Library Media Profession
Jeffery Jackson - The Writing Program
Lisa Manning - Physics
Mathew Maye - Chemistry
Jon Nissenbaum - Languages, Literatures and Linguistics
Sudha Raj - Public Health, Food Studies and Nutrition
Bruce Strong - Multimedia, Photography, and Design